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Seek Joy and Happiness in all Things

As a college student-athlete, I quickly discovered one thing about life that is inevitable. Life is hard. Difficult situations come to torment us, challenges and mountains that seem impossible to overcome arises, and stress overtakes and at times can be unbearable. Although this is a true fact about life, there is so much beauty and joy around us in any given situation. In my roots in Christianity, I know that God is with us and regardless of the circumstance, there is always a way so there is always something to smile about. I created this blog to encourage my followers with hope, happiness, and motivation regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or political views. Everyone deserves to be happy and my motivation is to trigger that feeling of happiness, courage, hope, and faith to the masses. My hope is that Trigger Of Happiness will become your number one source to gain inspiration, motivation, and hope when hard times come, and of course to put a smile on your face. 

From a young age, I always had faced adversity. From getting bullied, having a speech impediment, and a constant feeling of depression, I felt like I was born in this game to lose. As I grew older an matured in myself, in my relationships, and with God, I now view life differently. Through all of those hard times when I was doubted, ridiculed, and casted away. I kept looking forward, motivating myself and finding joy in even the smallest things to keep me going. Times will get hard; challenges will arise and trials will await but nothing will stop us from reaching our fullest potential. So, join and let's build a powerful community to not only change ourselves but to move the world!

Image by Hannah Busing
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