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3 Simple Steps To Dominate and Conquer Life

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We can all agree there is that one thing that keep us from holding ourselves back from success. Whether it was that one chocolate chip cookie that was looking a little too scrumptious at the wrong time or that little evil devil named procrastination that makes you feel like you have nothing to do for thousands of years. Whatever the case maybe, a lot of times we tend to hold ourselves back from pursuing and achieving our goals. Now, I know that you're looking for cheat codes for beating the system, because you clicked on this post. I completely get it. Shout out to you for taking the time to read this and trying to live your best life. Honestly, living your best life is more simple than you think. Now I don't have the infinity gauntlet but I do know some universal tips to help shift your reality to achieve the world you want. Here are 3 simple rules to conquer anything that you want in life.

STEP 1: SHUT UP! Yes, you heard me, shut your mouth. This first step is truly groundbreaking and can be the key to unlocking so many doors for your life, career, health, and any other goals you may have. Now you may think I have no home training to insult you like this but think about it; the greatest enemy is ourselves. We are more likely to psych ourselves out more than anyone else can. No matter how minimal or how great the objective or task is, we stop ourselves by simply talking ourselves out of it with the negative words we say or think; we worry about the pros and cons, about the opinions of others, and at times we find every flaw in ourselves to make the task or goal seem impossible to attain.

By no means do I think I am the wisest, but there is an old saying that still sticks with me to this day, you know the one, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all." So instead of creating excuses or telling yourself you're not capable or worthy enough, try to assimilate those negative thoughts and feelings and start associating yourself with positive and reassuring thoughts and feelings. Your words are powerful and you must be cautious on how you use them. This step is a lot harder than you think. Because we have been conditioned to see and speak negatively rather than to see or speak the good. Its easy to recognize the difficulties and challenges but astronomically harder to overcome them. Most times we are the ones to blame; all because of our words. Reconstruct your thinking, take control of yourself, and if you don't have anything good to say then find a way to disrupt it. One thing I recommend is to write down the reasons you believe you can't achieve a certain goal and then beside that negative reason write down a small task or strategy to beat it. Do this for every negative reason and excuse. Once you do this start implementing those small tasks, open your mind, and free yourself from your own bondage.

STEP 2: KNOW YOUR WORTH! No, this is not some cheesy saying after you had a bad date from the person you were matched with on Tinder, actually evaluate yourself and see yourself in a positive light. You are more than your denials, more than others opinions, and more than your mistakes. We as individuals have always been our own harshest and toughest critics. It's natural for us to see all of our flaws and disadvantages before we can see one positive thing about ourselves. If someone was to ask you to list five things that you like about yourself and five things you don't like or need to improve, it will be easier for most of us to come up with the five things we don't like about ourselves and need to improve. Why do we do that? You need to recondition your mindset to see the good! Know that you are good enough to have the best, you are good enough to be the best, you are good enough to live the best. The question should never be why can't it be me but it why not me.

Now from learning to silence those negative thoughts and feelings and separate them from your goal and yourself, now your vision of yourself is more clear than ever before. Understand what you are capable of, what you can achieve, your good traits, your inner power. Let the fire burn within your spirit, through your bones, and through your veins. You are capable, you are amazingly made and have the ability to pursue anything you want in life.

STEP 3: ACT ON IT! Now since you gathered the knowledge to control yourself and control your vision, now it's time to go after it. Steve Jobs had the positive view and acted upon his dream, regardless of the beginning or the steps it took. Same thing can be said about the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs such as Walt Disney, Ralph Lauren, Tyler Perry and the list goes on and on. All of these incredible people, regardless of their financial situation, their social status, or the negative influences around them didn't stop them in achieving what they wanted. It's always us against us, the man in the mirror. The only thing that set those people from the rest is that they took action on their dreams, believed in themselves and knew what they were capable of, no matter what it took and no matter how others viewed them. Their passion ran deep, excluding all negative noise from their psyche and they accomplished their goal. The most amazing fact is that these people aren't magicians they are normal people just like you and I. We are all capable of accomplishing our deepest passion. It just take work.

Now with all of the worlds power and knowledge in your hands, you now know how to get whatever you desire in life. Whether it's getting shredded to scare the sharks off the shore, to create your own blooming business, to get an A on your project, or to become an influencer on YouTube or any other social media; we have the power to take hold and control of our lives. Now go attack!

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