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The Person in the Mirror

Reflection leads to objection. This is a common phenomenon that we see today. Different scientific studies concluded that people judge and criticize themselves harsher than anybody else based on what they see in the mirror. See, the natural cognitive reaction from glaring at the mirror, especially for an elongated amount of time, is searching out the flaws. The things you don't have or wish you had. If only my arms was bigger, I would be more confident. If I had a skinny waist, then I will feel bolder. Appearance is not the only thing people harshly condemn. I'm not good enough to pursue my dreams. I'm not smart enough to create a business. I'm not strong enough to overcome this challenge. You see, the human psyche naturally shifts our perspective to view the negative things in life. What could go wrong, how should I prepare, why am I not this or that? We as people exert too much energy on the negatives. When we see the reflection, we often reflect on our fears, doubts, and traumas. Although this is natural, it doesn't mean it's essential. This article is meant to shift your mental construct and to be a better you.

It's Not Just A Reflection

A reflection is not just an image looking back at you, but the projection of what is. The word projection according to google has many definitions. One definition that stuck out was "A mental image viewed as reality". A reflection is merely the result of the projection. Projection is a powerful tool that can lead you to so many things in life. However, to utilize it to its potential it must be controlled. Constantly projecting negative thoughts and emotions can severely damage you and your mental and emotional being. Although the studies incline that it's a natural tendency to project negative thoughts about oneself, what is not commonly told is that it's an action. Although it may be difficult to not pick out the flaws, with training, people can control them. Take action and be in command.

How To Take Action

A lot of things is easier said than done. This is no exception. Changing your perspective requires time and focus. To create a long-lasting habit, it requires repetitive action. The first way I suggest is to write down your goals on a sheet of paper. This will give you structure and help you focus on a given task. Whatever the goal is, then write either I am or I will. This is key for developing a stronger and goal-oriented mindset. Confirming that you will pursue your goal or entice you to take action. Having words such as I hope, I dream, or I wish are not action-provoked words and will not get you to pursue your goal. Now after you write the goals or steps, say them out loud. You will say it out loud everyday until the goal or step has been made. You can say it in the morning, after dinner, at midnight, or right before your tinder link. As long as you are constantly making the effort to say it, you are making more progress than you think. This may sound bizarre but it's the little steps of faith, confidence, and perseverance that will take you miles ahead. Although this maybe a little challenging to see yourself making your big goal with this small step, I have something for you, I take a lot of marketing classes since marketing is my minor in college. To ensure that you will not only stay committed to the process of changing your perspective of yourself and achieving things but to change it indefinitely, each goal must be a SMART goal. A SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-oriented. Seeing progress will give you pleasure and will induce you to continue to follow through the plan. SMART goals help you make efficient, realistic, and measurable goals to help you stay dedicated. To attack your goal, to see yourself in a better light, and to conquer that person in the mirror, you have to be consistent with your delivery.

Wrap Up

It's all about action. As people, we tend to limit ourselves by what we see and put barriers that don't even exist. As we look in the mirror we reflect on the past, our insecurities, and our mishaps. Instead how about we put forth and project our goals, ambitions, and future endeavors. Create the building block for confidence and allow yourself to take action and to make your dreams and goals a reality.

Thank you so much for reading this message. We hope to inspire, motivate, and bring joy. Please share the light with a family member, friend, co-worker, significant other, or anyone else who may need it. Become a bullet of happiness and subscribe to our free blog to be notified for our latest release!

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